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Unilab Partners with ergoCentric Seating Systems

In a continuous effort to provide quality solutions to our customers, Unilab Furniture Inc. has officially partnered with ergoCentric Seating Systems, specialists in ergonomic seating. The recent signing allows Unilab to broaden its offerings to now include the distribution of ergoCentric's special line of ergonomic laboratory chairs. According to Brenda Kelly, President of Unilab Furniture, "It is really a perfect fit for us. Chairs are a great extension of the furniture we are already supplying to our customers."

ergoCentric is one of the largest manufacturers of quality ergonomic seating for industrial and office environments in Canada. "We chose ergoCentric for their quality and durability", shares Brenda Kelly of Unilab.

Being the first company to have its chairs recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, ergoCentric works closely with ergonomists and health practitioners to meet the specialized requirements of various work settings and accommodate today's diverse workforce, all while remaining committed to comfort, health, and productivity. According to Ken Hammond of ergoCentric, "We believe that the new partnership between ergoCentric Seating and Unilab is an ideal fit. Our shared dedication to quality and service will ensure lasting value to the customer."

Established in 1974, Unilab Laboratory Furniture has made its impact on the market by providing modular laboratory furniture solutions for over 30 years. With a focus to provide its customers with easy-to-install, adaptable, high-quality, and cost effective laboratory furniture, Unilab remains on the forefront of the laboratory furniture supply industry. Unilab products have been featured at many large hospitals, universities, biotech companies, and state-of-the-art laboratories.

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June 24, 2010 - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - Brenda Kelly, President of Unilab Furniture announced today that Unilab Furniture Inc. has been selected by the Philadelphia VA Medical Center (642) to provide them with Unilab's unique modular lab products for a new lab installment.

According to Brenda:

“Unilab's modular furniture system allows us to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. We are thrilled to be able to add Philadelphia VA Medical Center to our list of clients, particularly as military hospitals are so rewarding to work with. We admire all veterans and the institutions that support them. We are delighted to have our lab furniture in the Philadelphia VA Medical Center”.

Unilab Laboratory Furniture has been the preferred manufacturer of modular laboratory furniture for small and medium sized clinical, analytical, dental, and teaching laboratories since 1974. With offices in both the U.S. and Canada, Unilab provides its customers with easy-to-install, high quality, cost-effective, non-leasehold laboratory furniture whose durability stands the test of time.

For many lab technicians, installed permanent laboratory furniture has some limitations. Our line of modular laboratory furniture solutions may be a better fit. Our product line is easy to assemble, move or reconfigure. It is non-leasehold and not built-in, so you can take it with you.

We believe that these times require flexibility as your work flow requirements are under constant pressure to produce better results. Our modular line facilitates the constant changes. You can also mix and match with your existing furniture.

Here is how we surpass expectations. “Direct from the manufacturer prices” allow you to meet tight dollar and time budgets. Leasing is available at low rates. We promise fast delivery of in-stock products. Our production standards ensure you a quality end product that will last. For over 35 years, Unilab Laboratory Furniture has supplied hundreds of small to medium sized labs.

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